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With: Glenn Plummer, Chris Spencer, J. Lamont Pope
Produced by Dan Halperin and Scott JT Frank
Writer,Director Detdrich McClure

reprinted from -The Los Angeles Times Weekend Calendar Section

By Kevin Thomas - Times Staff Writer

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  UNEASY RIDERS: Glenn Plummer, driving, is one the two main characters and J. Lamont Pope is a hitchhiker in Detdrich McClure's explosive and reflective "Road Kings."  
In its second edition, the Other Venice Film Festival, which runs Friday through Sunday at the Electric Lodge and Switch Studios, has an explosive winner in Detdrich McClure's wrenching and vital "Easy Rider" update "Road Kings."

In the film (previously titled "Road Dogs"), two young South L.A. friends, Panther (Glenn Plummer) and Ray (Chris Spencer), flee their lethal gangster existence and head out on their motorcycles for a new life in Washington, D.C. Their adventures on the road, however, are filled with as much danger as fun, and it's not for nothing that a blind Louisiana voodoo man warns them that what they're running from may also be what they're running toward. Alternately reckless and reflective, Panther and Ray are deeply involving, and their odyssey packs a wallop.
DVD out March 29th 2005 - Lions Gate Films. Soundtrack CD on Liquid 8 Records.

Produced by Dan Halperin and Scott JT Frank;
Directed/ Written by Detdrich McClure; Camera by David Morrison; Edited by David Lindblom; Production Design by Rando Schmook; Sound Design by Steve Hunter Flick, Chip Albers and Peter Brown.
With: Glenn Plummer, Chris Spencer, J. Lamont Pope.
Running time: 90 MIN.


This contempo take on "Easy Rider" might have been dubbed "Boyz on the Road."  There's a restless bravura to Detdrich McClure's "Road Dogs," a story about two African-American men who leave their violent past behind them on a motorcycle odyssey but find that their past follows them wherever they go.

Just out of jail, Panther (Glenn Plummer) is an ex-gang member who thinks he'll be able to go straight if he can only leave LA.  His devoted sidekick Ray (Chris Spencer) wants to be just like him, so together they embark on a journey across the country that leads to various misadventures.  They pick up "College Boy" (J. Lamont Pope), a hitchhiking film student who's led a sheltered life.  They encounter racism in the South. And in the film's most inspired, unexpectedly funny bit, they meet a couple of smack-talking, small-town white girls who fancy themselves rappers.  Though dangerous episodes punctuate their journey, the film is not so much a celebration of violence as it is a fast-moving, enjoyable road movie.

  - - Lael Loewenstein
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