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 Film and Television Biography  

Scott JT Frank
Film and Television
10625 Esther Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90064


SHEHERZADE – Producer/Co-writer of Feature length screenplay.  Scott traveled with producers to meet President Musharaff where he pitched the President and secured a multi-million dollar In-Kind services and facilities commitment.

ROAD KINGS – Producer/Co-writer of Feature starring Glenn Plummer.  Scott secured the funding and assembled a soundtrack of stellar artists including: Snoop, Nate Dogg, Korn, RBX & ODB for this feature length Lions Gate release. LP released through Liquid 8.

LIFTED – Producer & Line Producer of this 35 mm feature segment. Scott also supervised the post on the film, directed by Salome Breziner, written by Herschel Weingrod (Twins, Falling Down).  Scott executive produced the film score with famed guitarist, Al Di Meola.

DENIAL - Exec V.P. Creative Development. Scott raised financing, gave notes and production support to this Robin Wright Penn starrer.  He worked in the development department of the Film company, IDL,Inc. under Executives Tom Walsh and Martina Ritt.

AFTER DARK MY SWEET - Exec V.P. Creative Development.  Scott gave notes and development support to this Jason Patric starrer., under IDL,Inc. Executives, Martina Ritt and Tom Walsh  The script was sold to Avenue Pictures, where it was produced by Carey Brokaw and directed by Jamie Foley.  Bruce Dern and Rachel Ward also starred.

ROSEMARY – Producer & Line Producer for 35mm Pilot.  In addition to working closely with director Dan Halperin on the Harry Mark Petrakis script, Scott facilitated the support of Paramount, Fox, Columbia, Technicolor and Kodak in providing the resources to produce this Pilot for the Emmy award winning Showtime series, Picture Windows.

PICTURE WINDOWS – Creator/Producer of these 2 X 90 min. 35mm motion pictures.  Scott developed, packaged and produced this Original Showtime films: Hired “A-list” directors and writers, oversaw contract negotiations, licensed literary material and worked with the writers and directors giving notes at every stage of the production.  The films consist of short stories matched with famous paintings brought to life cinematically under the guidance of directors: Norman Jewison,  Peter Bogdanovich, John Boorman, Bob Rafelson, Joe Dante and Jonathan Kaplin. Writers include: Frederic Raphael (Eyes Wide Shut), Dan Yost (Drug Store Cowboy).  Alan Arkin, George Seagel, Brook Adams, Michael Lerner, Brian Keith, Ron Perlman and Kathleen Quinlan star.

THE AFRICAN: Written for the screen by Scott JT Frank
BLOOD GOLD & SKY: Written for the screen by Scott JT Frank
SHEHERZADE: The Untold Story: Written for the screen by Scott JT Frank


CHICKEN SOUP: CONVERSATIONS FOR THE GOLFER'S SOUL – Supervising Producer of these first two volumes which include three hours of documentary style programming featuring extensive interviews with Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Nancy Lopez, Fred Funk and Jarrod Lyle. Due for release in 2007.

CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL – Supervising Producer, (Writer and Creative Producer) of these 2 X 30 minute dramas, Scott selected and worked with actors and directors to deliver these touching dramatic shorts released in May 2007.

PHENOMENON: The Lost Archives - Supervising Producer, Creator /Writer. 14 x 1 hr PBS reality shows.  In addition to writing the scripts and narration for many of the episodes, Scott wrote and directed the 100 interstitial segments shot on location with host, Dean Stockwell in Romania.  He also supervised all music and post-of this series.

WHEN I GROW UP – Writer and Editor of 35 x 60 second McDonalds spots aired on Saturday morning Childrens television. Scott was nominated for a special “achievements in writing” Emmy for his work on this series.

AIDS: The Facts Of Life – Producer & Director, Scott secured the funding, produced and directed this TV educational special.  Designed to inform a fearful public with the known facts about AIDS, Scott brought celebrities Susan Sarandon, James Taylor andIman to the program, shooting on location in Key West, New York City and Washington D.C..  The program won ABC Cleo’s highest rating and was an award winner at the prestigious John Muir Medical Film Festival.

FLYING WITHOUT FEAR – Produced , With host Chuck Yeager, Flying Without Fear was CBS/Fox’s first foray into the world of docutainment.  Scott produced this 1 hour program primarily for the home video market.

WOMEN OF IRON – Produced & Directed – This 1 hour sports documentary follows two world-class champion woman bodybuilders across the continent.  Scott secured the funding, shot and directed this initial look at a very controversial sport.

HIGH PERFORMANCE Produced, Feature length documentary reviews the work of famous and obscure performance artists from New York to Sydney.  Scott secured financing, produced and shot portions of these bizarre vignettes, several of which appeared on NBC and PBS - Eric Bogosian, Rachel Rosenthal, Stellarc and Linda Montano appear.

THE GOLDEN SHER – Produced & Directed – This intimate look at aging and the American Family, features interviews with family members, as Scott, with camera, follows the family patriarch through his transition from independent adult to resident in an assisted living facility. 30 minutes. Appeared on PBS.

60 Minutes, West 57th Street, 48 Hours, 20/20 – Scott worked for six years as a freelance cameraman, lighting and shooting in the facilitation of field produced segments for these network programs. Worked with Wallace, Reasoner, Safer. Also Australian, German and Japanese Television –freelance cameraman, lighting, shooting and assisting in the facilitation of international news agencies:  ARD, NHK, Australian Television, ZDF.

Attended Antioch College and California Institute of the Arts.  BFA Graduate.
Attended Workability business management psychology and training courses for four years


ROAD KINGS –Silver Plaque Boston Intnl, Hon. Mention , Santa Cruz film festival, Winner of The Other Venice Film Festival

PICTURE WINDOWS:  Emmy Award, Un Certain Regard Cannes Film Festival, 
2 X Cable Ace winner and three-time nominee

ROSEMARY:  Cine Golden Eagle, Special Gold Jury Award Houston World Festival, Silver Plaque Chicago Film Festival.

WHEN I GROW UP: Emmy Nominated Writer, Outstanding Achievements/Writing

AIDS: THE FACTS OF LIFE: AFI/AVC Award. ABC Clio Five Star Rating,

Award Winner, John Muir Medical Film Festival

Scott JT Frank Biography

Film and Television Biography
Dan produced the feature film, ROAD KINGS, released by Lionsgate starring Glen Plummer (SPEED, STRANGE DAYS, SHOWGIRLS, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW) This contemporary hip-hop “Easy Rider” tells the story of two South Central gang-bangers who abandon their past, zooming cross-country on Ninja-style motorcycles seeking a fresh start in life. ROAD KINGS won numerous awards at festivals worldwide.

Dan created and produced Epiphany’s SHOWTIME series -- PICTURE WINDOWS, which won two CABLE ACE AWARDS and an EMMY, amongst many additional nominations. The series was executive produced by Oscar Winning Producer/Director Norman Jewison. Episodes are directed by Norman, John Boorman, Peter Bogdanovich, Bob Rafelson, Joe Dante and Jonathan Kaplan; and featured actors -- John Hurt, Steve Zahn, Robert Loggia, Kathleen Quinlan, George Segal, Brooke Adams, Dan Hedaya, and Michael Lerner. Boorman’s TWO NUDES BATHING episode was an official selection at the Cannes Film Festival.

Dan wrote and directed the PICTURE WINDOWS series pilot, ROSEMARY, which won numerous international awards including the Grand Jury Prize at Houston/Worldfest, the Cine Golden Eagle, the Silver Plaque at the Chicago International Film Festival and the Audience Favorite Award at the Florida International Film Festival.

Dan also produced the feature film, SCARRED, distributed by MGM and Sony. This picture is an unflinching portrait of a teenage mother cast out upon the mean streets of Hollywood. The film was partially subsidized by grants from the AFI and the NEA.

Dan was a producer/writer/director on the 14 Episode PBS television series PHENOMENON: THE LOST ARCHIVE, hosted by Dean Stockwell, produced by Liberation Entertainment, in conjunction with Epiphany Pictures.

Dan attended the UCLA graduate film. He directed commercials and music videos for CBS, MCA, and 20th Century Records, first with the seminal music video firm of Gowers Fields Flattery and then for his own firm, Flattery Halperin Cole. Dan is proud to have been selected to direct a music video for Amnesty International dedicated to the women and children of Bosnia. Early in his career Dan worked as a producer and production manager at San Diego Community Television.

Dan and Epiphany are currently developing a slate of feature projects and TV series. Originally from Chicago, Dan has developed the feature SWEET HOME CHICAGO based on the award-winning short story, BLIGHT, by MacArthur “genius grant” winning author Stuart Dybek. Dan has also acquired the book, “American Pharaoh,” a biography of Chicago’s legendary Mayor Richard J. Daley, for a TV biopic. Dan is also a producer with Riverview Films and a founding board member of The Windy City Players – an LA based theatre company with Chicago roots.

Dan is also developing an animated TV series based on the comic book character – CAVEMAN ROBOT which was the basis of the off-Broadway production “The Adventures of Caveman Robot – The Musical.”

Dan is a member of Film Independent and the Producers Guild of America, where he serves on the Mentoring Committee and co-chairs Green Outreach for the PGAgreen Committees, and co-chairs Green Outreach. Dan’s fact based dramatic feature project “Both Sides of the Gun” was recently selected to participate in the PGA’s Diversity Workshop.