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Welcome to Epiphany Pictures

A full service film and TV production company. From script to screen. Features, TV series, cable, documentaries, reality, home video, promo and online productions, with offices in Los Angeles and Chicago.

Showtime Networks bought a series idea presented by Dan Halperin and Scott JT Frank on January 6th. January 6th is the Feast of the Magi, otherwise known as - the Epiphany. The three wise men and all that.

After independently producing their award-winning pilot, Scott and Dan produced six more episodes of "Picture Windows" for Showtime, executive produced by Norman Jewison. Episodes were directed by Norman Jewison, John Boorman, Joe Dante, Bob Rafelson, Peter Bogdanovich and Jonathan Kaplan. The series won an Emmy and the Boorman episode premiered at the Cannes International Film Festival.
Epiphany also produced fourteen episodes of the PBS series, "Phenomenon: The Lost Archive," hosted by Dean Stockwell.

Now, Scott and Dan's feature film "Road Kings" is in release through Lions Gate Films. "Road Kings" played in festivals all over the world - winning the Other Venice Film Festival, Second Prize at the Boston International Film Festival and the Director's Award at the Santa Cruz International Film Festival. Liquid 8 Records has the "Road Kings" soundtrack CD in release. Please click the link to the "Road Kings" website for DVD's, CD's, merchandise, newsletter, blog and more.

A lot has happened in the past decade. Check here for updates on what's next. Thanks for stopping by.